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Learn To Dive in Kuala Lumpur

If learning to dive is on your bucket list, we’d love to help your dream come true! For most of us, the thrill of strapping on a breathing apparatus and plunging into the depths of the sea is like leaving planet Earth behind and entering an alien world. The experience is life changing.

Your ticket to explore that world begins with the Open Water Diver course.

What to expect?

Our team at Scuba Mike’s knows you’re busy, so we have a flexible approach to getting you certified.

We work around all busy schedules: We teach Monday - Sunday (9am - 9pm)

Minimum age: 10 years old

Our training is broken up into 3 sections:


- 3 sessions x 2 hours each
- You’ll learn the theory of diving, including using your life support equipment underwater, breathing gas and the effects on your body, the value of a dive buddy and executing your dives, and more
- Location: Kuala Lumpur


- 3 sessions x 3 hours each
- Learn how to be safe underwater, master the equipment, how to manoeuvre underwater, and tips and tricks to prepare you for your ocean dives
- Location: Kuala Lumpur


- 4 open water dives (this is the number of dives required to complete the course and gain your certification)
- Location: You can do your ocean dives on any of our trips that we offer. Click here to see our exciting trips!

What You Get & Price

- All training and instructor fees in KL and on the trip for ocean dives.
- All equipment in KL and on the trip (although you are welcome to bring your own if you wish, in fact we encourage it)
- Training material, certification card (PADI or SSI)
- Price: RM 1,400 per diver
- Don't forget to pick your ocean diving trip as well :) Click here to sign up for a trip!

About Scuba Mike’s

Our team believes in a personal touch when it comes to all of its certification courses. We adjust our styles dynamically to fit with each divers personal requirements, ensuring you retain all of the knowledge of diving while having an enjoyable experience taking it all in.

For the entry-level qualification and Open Water Diving License, we teach both prominent international certification programs run by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and Scuba Schools International (SSI).

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